The Power of the Connection

If you are the founder of a company, we don’t have to tell you how hard it can be to raise capital to grow your company. If you are an investor, you have probably experienced the laboriousness of finding solid investment opportunities that align with your funding goals. Founders and investors tend to rely on existing networks for funding and deal flow. Or spend a lot of time, money, and resources searching for new opportunities that may – or may not – be gainful.

That’s precisely why we developed WealthVP – to provide an easy-to-use solution that makes it easy for companies and investors to connect, strategically align, and grow their business networks. WealthVP is redefining private company fundraising by catalyzing the ability to connect, exposing gainful business opportunities, and – yes, we like to think big – forging a meaningful impact on the world. 

We recently launched our exclusive invite-only beta! We can’t wait to get feedback from our customers to inform our product strategy with additional features that are important to them. But don’t let the word “beta” fool you! Even though we will be in beta, our brand promise is to provide our customers with at least one two-way connection conversation during their free trial period, or we extend the trial. Our number one goal is to help our customers connect and to convert opportunities into profitable partnerships.

If you would like to join us in the pursuit to help WealthVP gain adoption during these early phases of product release, contact us, we gladly welcome your participation. The more participation and feedback we have puts us on course to launch the richest ecosystem of the top companies and investors in the world actively raising and providing capital.


“Succeeding in business is all about connections.”

Richard Bronson


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We are inviting a select number of  founders and investors to gain early access to our platform. Chat with us and learn more about WealthVP. 

Become a WealthVP Qualified Company

Companies that meet the criteria for the WealthVP Expedition subscription level must participate in the WealthVP qualification process.

Why do we qualify companies? Investors are looking for quality deal flow. By qualifying companies, we are meeting the needs of our investor community by removing the burden of due diligence and helping streamline the deal process. Serious investors, able to fund larger deals, are attracted to “qualified” companies.

What are the benefits of obtaining a "qualified status"?

  • Qualified companies’ profiles receive a “WealthVP Qualified Company” designation Investors are able to conduct a filtered search for “qualified” companies.
  • Qualified companies receive premium ranking in the WealthVP match results.
  • Qualified companies are highlighted in “This Week on WealthVP” which notifies all investors of newly qualified companies on the platform.

How do I get my company qualified?

WealthVP qualifies companies based on the four data points below. The process takes approximately 2 weeks and is free of charge.
  1. Ownership (Provide fully diluted CAP table)
  2. Addressable market size (Provide the research/resources you used to calculate your TAM)
  3. Revenue (Provide income statement)
  4. Proof of corporation or LLC (Provide Certificate of Incorporation or LLC agreement)

Our Member Benefits have got you covered!

Not only does WealthVP directly connect you to smart money, but as valued members you get exclusive access to our Member Benefits. Leverage our Member Benefits to aid you and your startup in scaling your company while saving money.


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We know that private companies need capital to fully realize their value and impact on the world. Not only can WealthVP directly connect you with smart money, but let us help lower your company’s cost with some of our amazing Member Benefits.


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