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WealthVP understands that keeping a company alive and growing is hard.  That’s why we directly connect you and match you with smart money – greatly increasing your chance to be found and get funded.

Best of all, we don’t take a commission on the deal. 
WealthVP is a simple no-risk subscription starting as low as $99/month.

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We’ve tackled the 5 major fundraising concerns of every founder.

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$99 / Month

Minimum 6-month commitment

Here’s what leaders are saying about WealthVP:

“One of the biggest barriers to growth for promising early-stage companies is raising capital. WealthVP reduces the time and complexity of raising funds for founders and reduces the risk of finding qualified startups for investors. This is a game-changer.”
Brenda Schmidt
CEO of Coplex
“WealthVP is a 'game changer.' WealthVP is relevant in many aspects: being purpose-driven is a major one. The focus on family offices is another — you heard the saying 'know your clients.' There is a huge need to bring together family offices and investment opportunities that serve our favorite motto: making money while doing good.”
Tobias Prestel
Founding partner of Prestel and Partner, a global family offices forum
“The WealthVP platform improves your funding opportunities in a faster, more streamlined way. RevRoad is proud to work with WealthVP, to recommend it to our portfolio companies, and to others.”
Derrin Hill
RevRoad Chairman & CEO

Empower Successful Fundraising

Try our proven two-way opportunity matching algorithm and connect with our global community of investors. Your biggest risk is doing nothing.

Do what matters – for RESULTS

Leverage WealthVP in combination with accelerators, incubators, startup ecosystems, pitch nights, brokers, and in-person networking events.
Ideal Pricing Model

We don’t take a part in the deal. It’s a simple free trial subscription.

Aligned Opportunity Matching

Filter and reduce search criteria for both companies and investors.

Smart Money

Accredited, ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices.

Smart Investments

Investors screened by income, net worth,
or asset size to qualify.

Access to Angels

Source funding from angel investors for
smaller capital requirements.

Frequently-asked questions

WealthVP takes pride in offering quality over quantity. While we have new investors joining our platform on a regular basis, our main goal is to ensure they are ideal investors suited for founders like you.

WealthVP leverages data to ensure that all users, companies, and investors are of the highest quality. Our goal is to streamline processes to make certain you have the highest likelihood of connecting with an interested and qualified investor.

We’re not at liberty to share the exact amount, however investors on our platform are highly engaged and excited to work with companies like yours. NOTE: WealthVP is not a crowdfunding site. Investors on our site are looking to invest in significant deals.

We are adding and recruiting new investors daily. It is our goal to have investor representation for all different types of industries.

We are currently in beta and are excited to report that we are adding new companies to our platform daily. 

Yes. Feel free to contact our Customer Success Team and they can assist you with this option. support@wealthvp.com

 Our progress chart will aid you in putting together all the required and desired information.

  • Pitch deck
  • Executive summary 
  • Video (A short video that captures the purpose and culture of your company.)
  • Executive Summary Template (info will be able to be copy and pasted) 
  • Proforma (optional)
  • Current funding round information
  • Previous funding history 
  • General company information
  • Social media links