Our Story

Founded in 2020, WealthVP set out to develop a platform that brings together high-quality startups and private investors in a way that the market hasn’t seen before. Our Founder and CEO, Leif Hartwig, has a deep understanding of what it takes to build, nurture, and grow a venture from the seed of an idea into a flourishing company.

Why did our founder decide to start WealthVP? Because until recently, opportunities for private funding have traditionally excluded vast numbers of innovative companies with great products and services, simply because they are located in the wrong part of the country, have limited exposure to investors, or fall into traditionally underserved demographics such as minority, woman, and veteran-owned companies.

WealthVP aims to level the playing field for all by presenting fairly valued and diversified opportunities that meet investment goals. We provide companies with a real chance to impact the world with their product or service and investors the opportunity to invest in something that fuels their fire. 

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Our Mission

The WealthVP mission is to build a world-class investment community that matches companies, investors, and private equity deals with one another. We eliminate the boundaries of demographics, pitch nights, and confinements of traditional word-of-mouth networking and will positively affect millions of entrepreneurs, employees, and investors for a better future.