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Private companies need capital to fully realize their value and impact on the world. A majority will be underfunded. And just as importantly, companies need critical access to people, who will in turn lead a company to customers, investors, mentors, and team members essential for a company to grow an innovation company startup.

WealthVP empowers companies and investors with smart infrastructure across all geographics and demographics while redefining private company fundraising. WealthVP levels the playing field for all by presenting fairly valued and diversified opportunities that meet investment goals. We provide companies with a real chance to impact the world with their product or service.

At WealthVP, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build, nurture, and grow a venture from the seed of an idea into a flourishing company. Our founders have done it themselves, many times over. Their biggest takeaway? Opportunities for private funding have traditionally excluded vast numbers of innovative companies with great products and services, simply because they are located in the wrong part of the country, have limited exposure to investors, or fall into traditionally underserved demographics such as minority, woman, and veteran-owned companies.

"Succeeding in business is all about connections."

~Richard Bronson

 WealthVP is smart infrastructure that connects and strategically aligns private companies and investors – across all demographics and geographics. We are redefining private company fundraising by catalyzing the ability to connect, exposing gainful business opportunities, and creating meaningful impact on the world.
The power of connection.

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