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WealthVP was created for the Family Offices and investors working to generate a solid deal pipeline, and the companies ready to level up through private investment. 

We’re here for the Family Offices who are ready to move away from inefficient search methods and rocket into the digital age.

We’re here for every investor with a purpose.

We’re here for the innovative companies in the software and sustainability industries that are seeking funds.

We’re here for all the minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses that
need visibility. 

WVP provides comprehensive, highly-accurate information about innovative/cutting- edge companies and private investment opportunities in an easy to use, single-source, socially driven solution.

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Increases exposure to investors

Raise the right capital faster
than ever

Level playing field for women, minority, and veteran-founded companies

Family Offices

More qualified companies seeking investment

Opportunities custom tailored to needs
and goals

White-glove concierge service