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WealthVP is THE community for private companies and investors. Companies get discovered. Investors get deal flow. Everybody wins.

Let’s face it – there is a lack of networks and infrastructure needed to connect capital to viable/deserving private companies across all demographics and geographics.

The repercussions – missed business opportunities, wasted time, money, and resources, and viable companies failing before realizing their value and impact on the world.

Robust Profiles

Company and investor profiles comprehensively showcases your company and your company brand. All the information parties need for determining/ identifying possible business opportunities is all in one place. No more visiting multiple resource sites.

Opportunity Matching Algorithm

Create filtered searches to find opportunities that align with your goals.

Fresh Investment Opportunities

Investors will be able to see team profiles, funding history, video introductions, executive summaries, and more and can easily compare and contrast opportunities.

Investor Networking

Companies can search for investors that are interested in what they are doing. Investors can network with other investors and build their investor community.

Easy Communication

Communicate with users in real-time via in-platform direct messaging. Only investors can initiate a conversation, so there are no unsolicited messages.

Investor Syndicates

Form and/or join Investor Syndicates to establish purchasing power, diversify portfolios, and mitigate deal flow risk.

Simple Subscription Model

We never take a percentage of any deals made.

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Here’s what leaders are saying about WealthVP:

“One of the biggest barriers to growth for promising early-stage companies is raising capital. WealthVP reduces the time and complexity of raising funds for founders and reduces the risk of finding qualified startups for investors. This is a game-changer.”
Brenda Schmidt
Former CEO of Coplex
“WealthVP is a 'game changer.' WealthVP is relevant in many aspects: being purpose-driven is a major one. The focus on family offices is another — you heard the saying 'know your clients.' There is a huge need to bring together family offices and investment opportunities that serve our favorite motto: making money while doing good.”
Tobias Prestel
Founding partner of Prestel and Partner, a global family offices forum
“The WealthVP platform improves your funding opportunities in a faster, more streamlined way. RevRoad is proud to work with WealthVP, to recommend it to our portfolio companies, and to others.”
Derrin Hill
RevRoad Chairman & CEO