A Quantum Leap Forward for Capital Funding

WealthVP makes it easy for software and sustainability companies and Family Office Investors to find one another – all in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

The WealthVP Mission

WealthVP strives to leave the world in a better place. In the United States alone, hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge companies need capital investment to fully realize market potential. Less than 10 percent will be fullyfunded; most will fail due to the lack of capital. That single statistic represents billions of dollars in potential earnings, millions of jobs, and economic growth lost every year, as well as innovative products and services that never make it to market. Our Mission is to help fund the best of these companies to give them a higher probability of success.

We believe Family Offices will lead purpose-driven investing into the modern world. They have the resources, the values, and the ability to change and disrupt an industry long overdue for a change. WealthVP is seismically shifting the business landscape by providing a single platform for virtually matching qualified companies with Family Offices; anywhere, anytime.


The WealthVP Platform

Using information entered in investor and company profiles, WealthVP’s proprietary algorithm produces a wide range of matches between game-changing companies and Family Offices whose financial needs and goals align. Once a match is made, investors can reach out directly to the companies they are interested in via the secure messaging tool. It’s that simple.

Proprietary Matching Algorithm

Powerful search and connecting methodology plus social graphing technology creates a personal experience. Each search produces multiple results, all aligning directly with investment goals.

Fresh Investment Opportunities

Each company provides their information, it’s never sourced from web crawls. Family Offices will be able to see team profiles, funding history, video introductions, executive summaries, and more.

Easy Communication

Real-time communication and direct messaging in the platform between companies and Family Offices. Only investors can initiate a conversation, so there are no unsolicited messages.


Increases exposure to investors

Raise the right capital faster
than ever

Level playing field for women, minority, and veteran-founded companies

Family Offices

More qualified companies seeking investment

Opportunities custom tailored to needs and goals

White-glove concierge service

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